Buy from the “Source of Origin” of the products

Massive cost savings over buying from “ re-sellers” with huge mark-ups, specially those in big cities like Delhi & Mumbai.

Sourcing, production and supplies from all over India

Offers you the widest product range, price comparisons and supply options to select from.

Optimized container content, with goods from multiple suppliers

Maximize value, variety and marketability of every shipment. No obligation to fill an entire container from any one supplier.

Stringent eye on Quality

Enjoy reliable and consistent quality on every shipment. Strict, structured processes and QC systems monitor and control quality at every stage of vintage restoration or new production.

Ethics. Honesty. Transparency

Now experience stress-free imports from India. Clear communications, quick responses, operating systems & processes honed over 12 years, backed by a professional management that values ethics, honesty, transparency and commitment, above everything.

  • Customized sourcing for specific needs
  • Manufacture of reproductions and custom designs
  • Value Engineering to optimize Quality and Cost of production
  • Quality Control, Repairs and Restorations
  • Meticulous Documentation and paperwork.
  • Customs and all other pre-shipment formalities in case of exports